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  • Find Help for Your Dental Emergency
    Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and though there are steps we can take to minimize the chances we'll encounter them, accidents can always happen. So it's important to Read more
  • What Exactly Constitutes a Dental Emergency?
    Do you know what dental issues require emergency treatment? Knowing when to call your Dallas and DeSoto dentist, Dr. Solarin of Lantern Dental Clinic, can help protect your smile in Read more
  • Are You Dealing with a Dental Emergency?
    Allow us to help you if a dental emergency arises in DeSoto. Whether it's a chipped or knocked out tooth, lost filling, or bad toothache, Lantern Dental will restore your Read more
  • Common Dental Emergencies
    Don’t be stressed out and confused about how to best treat a dental emergency. While we all work hard to protect our teeth from damage, something accidents just happen that we Read more

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