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Find Help for Your Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and though there are steps we can take to minimize the chances we'll encounter them, accidents can always happen. So it's important to have a local dentist's office you can turn to, such as Lantern Dental with Dr. Solarin in Desoto, and Dallas, TX. Reach out to them to learn about everything you can do to prevent dental emergencies.


It's unfortunate that pain brings many of us into the dentist's office because it could have been avoided. A painful toothache is a cause for concern and depending on the severity it may require emergency help from your dentist. If the cause for the pain is an infection then the treatment may be a root canal. A root canal is a tooth-saving procedure that removes all the infected pulp tissue to halt the infection and provide pain relief.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A tooth that is knocked out can often be successfully reattached if this is done so promptly, and you can increase your chances by treating the tooth with care. Don't handle the knocked-out tooth by the root and make sure to keep it from drying. You can place it in a container with milk on your way to your dentist's office, but if this is not possible you can hold it between your cheeks and your gums.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

To treat minor chips and cracks your dentist can use bonding to correct them, if they are small enough they may not even require emergency care, but they should be treated promptly nonetheless. If the affected area is painful or the teeth are sharp enough to cut your cheeks then seek immediate help. Larger injuries may require a dental filling or a crown to correct them.

Dental Emergency in Desoto, and Dallas, TX

Prevention is very important, such as wearing mouthguards during sports and not using our teeth as if they were tools to open small packages. But accidents may still happen. For those cases, and for your very important routine checkups, contact Dr. Solarin of Lantern Dental by dialing 972-274-9300 for the DeSoto, TX, office, and 214-374-7100 for Dallas, TX.

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