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Why Dental Implants Are Right for You

Find out how implants in DeSoto, TX, can replace your missing teeth for life.

If you are an adult who is missing at least one tooth and you are concerned that dentures or other tooth replacement options won’t provide Dental Implantyou with the strong, reliable bite that you need to feel confident speaking to colleagues or enjoying your favorite foods then you may want to consider getting dental implants from our DeSoto, TX, restorative dentist Dr. Solarin. Many adults are turning to dental implants to replace one or more teeth because they are the closest you can get to a real tooth.

Prevent Bone Loss

A complication of tooth loss is bone loss, which occurs over time and affects not just the health of your jawbone but also alters your facial structure. While other tooth replacements may fill gaps and give you a full smile again they won’t be able to prevent bone loss. The only tooth replacement that can actually stimulate the jawbone like real tooth roots and prevent bone deterioration are dental implants.

Enjoy a Lifelong Solution

While it can be much quicker and easier to get dentures or a dental bridge to replace several or even an entire arch of missing teeth these aren’t permanent solutions. Alternatively, once an implant is placed and it fuses together with the jawbone then the implant is meant to last several decades. They also aren’t prone to decay like natural teeth are.

Fully Restored Bite

One reason patients aren’t completely satisfied with dentures is that they can sometimes shift or move around when chewing or speaking, which can be embarrassing. Fortunately, since dental implants are an extension of the jawbone it means that they won’t move around. They will function and feel just like a real tooth so you can feel fully confident eating any foods you want or giving that important speech in front your boss.

A High Success Rate

Another reason so many adults are turning to dental implants to treat their tooth loss is because they have an extremely high success rate. As long as you are healthy and the implant successfully fuses together with the jawbone the success rate of an implant is up to 98 percent. Plus, the long-term success rate of a dental implant is approximately 90-95 percent.

If you are living with tooth loss in DeSoto or Dallas, TX, then it’s time to call Lantern Dental today to schedule a consultation. Find out if you are the ideal candidate for dental implants.

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