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Teeth Whitening: Home-Kit Versus Dentist's Office

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  • Teeth Whitening: Home-Kit Versus Dentist's Office
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Teeth Whitening: Home-Kit Versus Dentist's Office

Would you like to whiten your teeth but aren't sure if in-office treatment or a take-home kit is the best option for you? Dr. Saheed Lawal-teeth whiteningSolarin, your Dallas and DeSoto, TX cosmetic dentist, shares some information that will help you decide.

In-office teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening offers the quickest way to brighten your smile. The treatment only takes about an hour and can lighten your teeth as much as eight shades. Many people only need one treatment, but additional treatments may be needed in some cases. Your Dallas and DeSoto dentist uses hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, strong whitening agents that penetrate your enamel, to remove stubborn stains. A thorough dental cleaning is a must before teeth whitening. If tartar isn't removed from teeth, you'll notice dark spots in your smile that the whitening agents couldn't penetrate.

Your safety and comfort are the priority during your whitening session. Before the treatment begins, your dentist will protect your sensitive gums and the roots by coating them with a soothing gel. He will also use retractors to pull your lips and cheeks away from your teeth during the whitening process. After taking these precautionary steps, your dentist will apply the peroxide solution to your teeth. In some cases, your dentist may use a laser or curing light to activate the whitening agent. At the conclusion of your visit, your dentist will remove the solution from your teeth, and you'll leave the office with a brighter smile.

Take-home whitening kits

Take-home kits offer impressive professional whitening results in your own home. The kits can also be used to occasionally touch up the results of your in-office whitening session. Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental laboratory, which will create whitening trays for your upper and lower teeth. In about a week or two, you'll pick up your trays and the whitening gel. You'll simply fill the trays with gel and apply them to your teeth for the recommended amount of time. After using the trays for a few weeks, you'll see a noticeable improvement in your smile.

Would you like to transform your smile with an in-office treatment or a take-home kit? Call Dr. Lawal-Solarin, your Dallas and DeSoto, TX cosmetic dentist, to schedule your appointment.

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