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Are Veneers Right For You?

You no longer have to live with stained or discolored teeth. If you're hiding your smile because of unsightly chips or cracks, help is available at your local dentist. There's a long-term solution to solving unsightly tooth discoloration and mild misalignment. If you are ready to upgrade your smile, consider getting veneers in DeSoto, TX, or Dallas, TX. Visit us at Lantern Dental where Dr. Solarin will help give you the smile of your dreams.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure in which thin porcelain or plastic shells adhere to the surface of your teeth. Veneers are a great way to fill in gaps, change the shape of teeth, and, of course, give you a bright white smile. When you come to our office to get veneers, it will involve an outpatient procedure. You will need very little or no anesthesia at all and the process will be over in about 2 hours.

If you are a coffee, tea, or wine drinker, you'll be delighted to know that veneers can permanently resist staining from such drinks. 

Are Veneers Right For Me?

While there are other methods to correct stained teeth, veneers have a long life expectancy as long as you take care of them.  As mentioned before, you won't have to avoid or reduce the intake of your favorite staining beverages such as coffee, tea, or wine. Veneers are also resistant to cigarette smoke stains as well.

Veneers are ideal for people who want to fix a gap between their front teeth, reshape chipped teeth, and cover up cracked teeth. It is important to note that if you decide to get veneers in DeSoto, TX, or Dallas, TX, the result is irreversible. Before applying the veneers, we must remove some enamel from your teeth in order to fit the shell on it.

While your natural teeth will be covered up by porcelain shells, you must still brush and floss daily.

Don’t hesitate to visit us at Lantern Dental for veneers in DeSoto, TX, and Dallas, TX. Dr. Solarin and our amazing staff can't wait to help you get the smile you deserve. Whether you need to cover up cracked teeth or correct tooth discoloration, give us a call at (972) 274-9300 in DeSoto, TX, or (214) 374-7100 for an appointment in Dallas, TX. 

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